Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Millie turns one year old today. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. We got her last October from a humane society about 2.5 hours away.  For more see Millie's Story. She has become the inspiration for this blog. I would like to lose as much weight as she weighs (75 pounds when I started).  We will see how much more she grows and how much more I want to lose :)

This morning we took Millie for a run. She loves to go with us in the morning.  My husband usually takes her for a couple of miles then I take her with me to walk.

When we got home from her run we had a birthday photo shoot. It helped immensely that she was a bit worn out from her run :)  Also, a little peanut butter bribe never hurts.

I baked two different kinds of dog cookies. One is peanut butter based and the other is apple/cheese.  Yes, I tasted the dough...and no I didn't track it :)  I haven't tried the cookies since they have been baked.

Batch One

Batch 2

I couldn't find my bone shaped cookie cutter.  Good to have a talented husband :)


Quality Control Department