Monday, July 28, 2014

Puppy Reunion

Yesterday we had quite the adventure. We drove a little over two hours to meet with a couple of the other families who adopted puppies from Millie's litter. It is the first time any of the pups had been together since they were adopted. 

There are seven pups, but three live a considerable distance away...Chicago, Minneapolis and Lincoln they were not able to make it. We ended up having three of the puppies together. I couldn't believe all the similarities and all the differences. 

Everyone seemed to enjoy the afternoon. Millie was one tired pup when we got home.  The black dog with the orange harness is Batman (brother) and the dog with the most brown is Zena (sister).  And of course, the third one is Millie :)

We made dog tags for each of the pups with their name, date and "happy 1st birthday."  We mailed them to the pups who couldn't make it. 

It was a busy weekend, but I did manage to stay on track with exercise and calories. The biggest challenge - I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  It is the first baking I have done since we have been on track. They are so tempting. I did have a few, tracked them and wanted more. I made them to take to the puppy reunion and I was happy to send the leftovers home with one of the other families.  Mmm...cookies...

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  1. OMG this is adorable! I love that you made such cute "doggie" bags for the birthday pups! What a fun day! Millie looks like she had such a wonderful time!