Thursday, July 24, 2014

Is This a Bake Sale?

What a difference a day makes.  This morning was almost 20 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. So much better for walking. I actually was a bit cold the first mile...had to walk faster to warm up :)

Saw this scary viper on the street.  Upon further inspection I was able to identify it as the relatively harmless Midwestern Rubber Snake.

I hope these skid marks were not absolutely necessary.  People drive a bit nutty through residential areas and hopefully someone's child was not a risk.  My limited knowledge of skid marks makes me think someone pealed out of the turn and squealed their tires. Just a theory.

My husband has signed up for a triathlon in August. So, I think we will be changing up our workout routine a little. Just for fun I am going to "train" with him. I will probably ride my bike for 2-3 miles and then do a 2 mile walk. I would like to do the triathlon too, but I want to do well. In the past, I have considered doing it thinking I would just be happy to finish. Having put some serious effort into my fitness, I don't think I would be satisfied with just finishing.  At this time, I would have to walk the whole run part (4 miles) and I am not sure my buns can handle 12 miles on the bike. Don't even get me started on my swimming :)  I am going to enjoy the "training" process and cheer my husband on at the race. And maybe next year...

Today turned out to be an eating out day for me. We have a new person in our office and we all decided to go out to lunch with her. It was fun. I ended up getting the salad special - Fire Roasted Corn with peppers and onions on lettuce, topped with feta and bacon. It came with a creamy balsamic dressing, but I decided not to use it because the corn salad created a sort of dressing. I ate about half and did my best to estimate calories - I think I was pretty fair.

After work I met my sister at a local evening farmer's market. For the record farmer's markets are starting to look more and more like bake sales.  I tried not to make direct eye contact with all the goodies. But I do love to bake and was very curious about what people were selling. Cookies, quick breads, all looked good but I resisted.

There were plenty of veggies, but I didn't end up buying any of them either. I am having a bit of a veggie situation at home already ;)  In fact, I had my sister come by the house on her way home to take some tomatoes and cucumbers.

Then for dinner my husband and I went to our favorite Mexican place. He LOVES their Arroz con Pollo. I had actually figured up the calories the last time we went and entered it into MyFitnessPal.  We split an order and got some extra veggies on the side.

I have thought quite a bit about eating out. Since there isn't always a reliable way to calculate the calories of a restaurant dish I need to find another solution. I still want to go out to eat. Sometimes, a girl just doesn't want to cook :)  If my husband and I split a dish that we would have normally eaten ourselves, I am satisfied that I have made a significant improvement.

How do you handle eating out?


  1. I think splitting the meals is a perfect solution! either that or if you want something different, when the server brings out the food, ask for a box and immediately put half of the meal away! Oh and SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH! At least yours was more colorful than the one I came across recently!

    1. Splitting does seem to work for us at the moment, but I do know there are times I will want to eat things that might "kill" my husband...mushrooms, for example :) And at least mine was a rubber snake...otherwise I would probably walked a whole lot faster!

  2. Splitting it is a super idea! I also look up restaurants menus and figure out what I wnat before I even go there. That way I'm not tempted. And if I am starving I will usually get their soup if it's broth based or a salad. This helps keep me away from gooey cheesy apps.

    Plus, I don't think MFP accurately counts calories burned so I figure if I'm not 100% correct in my food estimation it all balances out.

    So glad you had a cooler walk!

    1. I look up menus too before I go - but we like a few local places that unfortunately don't post menus. Mmm...gooey cheesy apps :) I have noticed MFP can be a bit wacky, so in general I don't rely on eating my exercise calories. And I try to guesstimate the food on the high end. I agree, it should balance out.

  3. I love to eat out. If I know where I am going, I figure ahead of time. If the restaurant doesn't have a menu on line. I google it and a lot of times I can find the nutrition information. If I can't find it that way, I just search for the dish. I may use another restaurants version. To me the point is to be aware. None of this is perfect. I haven't found that it has caused a problem. I like the splitting the entrée idea as well. If I am out with friends or don't have time to figure out the calories before I eat, I still try to do it afterwards for next time. I have also had great experience asking the staff to make changes. I love Mexican, but I would rather have a little bit of cheese dip and just the fajita meat with veggies. I have found that most places will oblige, suggest ways to make it work. I look at calorie counting as a game. I just try to be creative and have fun with it. Didn't mean to write so

    1. I am a menu Googler too. Part of the reason I do that is so my husband doesn't have to wait forever at the table for me to make up my mind :) I totally agree - it doesn't have to be perfect - simple awareness is key. Don't worry about writing too much - I appreciate your comments!