Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Letting Go

Great day today!  Is it bad to say it is because I didn't have to work??  I am extending my holiday weekend :)

Had a productive day.  My sister came over for awhile this morning and was a huge help with a daunting project. I have this "craft" room that had become the nightmare junk room. I couldn't even walk into it.  She helped me make some hard decisions on things that needed to go - she had to walk a fine line. I am terribly sentimental and it can be hard for me to move on. I have a bunch of supplies from different crafts I have been into over the years. Recently I have been more focused on sewing so I am weeding out the others - at least to a more manageable level :)  Sometimes you just need someone to keep you company and on task.  I loved just having time to chat as we worked.  And the "after" is so much less scary. I think I can make myself go back in there to finish.

Poor Millie had to entertain herself.  Here she is sitting our bed staring out the window.  It was a beautiful breezy day today so I had the a/c off and enjoyed airing out the house.

I am planning a dreaded yard sale. Am I crazy?!  After the sale nothing comes back inside.  Once I get it out of the way there is going to be painting. The living room and hallway are desperate for a coat of paint. They are the only areas that have not been repainted since I bought the house almost 8 years ago.  I can't wait!!!

This morning's walk was good. I did my usual three miles. Did I just say usual? It wasn't too long ago that I was struggling to force myself to make it past 1.5 miles.  One of my secrets is to change the route. The route we are using now is 1/2 mile to it...then two one-mile loops and a 1/2 mile back. The previous route had a much smaller loop. Every time I came around I had to convince myself to keep going...I wasn't always successful in finishing my goal.  I still can't believe we get up at 4:45 a.m. every morning to get in a workout before work.

We shared Millie this morning. She started running with my husband then he passed her to me. I was relieved that she was well-behaved. It doesn't make up for her latest chewing frenzy, but it did make me happy.  That pup has the craziest tongue ever.

Ugh!  How is that for a red sweaty face??  I have to figure out where to look when I am taking my selfies. I think I am looking in the right place and then I see this.

Hope you had a good day :)


  1. usual 3 miles -- I love that, I feel the same way... good job on cleaning out the craft room... i know how daunting things like that can get.. but you are doing lots of new and healthy things.. cleaning out clutter is just another way it manifests itself when you are "getting healthy"

  2. Yeah, I've heard lots of people say losing weight ends leads to them getting other areas of life under control too :)