Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not a Fan

I am not a fan of the Monday morning. I am especially not a fan after 5 days off work. The last three days we got later starts to our mornings than normal and I think I got a little bit spoiled. This morning the 4:45 a.m. alarm was brutal. I thought to myself "Well, at least it will still be cool for my walk." Not so much. The humidity was ridiculous and it was plenty warm already. At least there was a little bit of a breeze that helped.

I can not count the number of times I considered scrapping my walk and heading straight home this morning. It was just so tough to keep moving. My first mile was a good minute slower than my second and third. I always feel like I am moving along at about the same speed. Maybe what I am really feeling is the amount of effort I am making. I may be feeling the same effort, but the first mile it just takes more effort to get my sleepy body moving. Then by the second and third the body is working and I don't have to exert as much actual effort to move fast.

The highlight of my walk this morning was Bryan Adams. I hadn't been listening to my Pandora app for the first half of the walk. In an effort to drown out my internal whining, I finally put on my headphones. The first song was Summer of '69. How can that not make you feel at least a little better?  When I set up the "station" weeks ago I used Bon Jovi's Shot Through the Heart as the sample song. Since then I have walked and listened many miles and not once have I heard that particular song. Then this morning just as I was turning it off because I'd met up with my husband it came on :(  Being a good wife I turned off the music and chatted with my husband as we walked the last 4/10 of a mile home. Guess I will have to pull it up on YouTube to get my fix :)

Okay, I certainly don't want to be wishing my life away, but I confess I have been looking forward to the 4th of July for weeks. Starting with Mother's Day through 4th of July is a ridiculous "party" season for us.  We have numerous family birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, anniversaries, graduations (some years). It seems like every weekend is booked.  This year it was even more challenging since we actually cared about what we ate. I think it was a bit of a wake up call how much we really do indulge without even realizing it. I found it a bit exhausting to be negotiating the calories of a special event or two every weekend.

Additionally, I felt like all my "treat" decisions were based on those parties. I would like a little more flexibility in choosing my "treats". For example, I am looking forward to being able to "afford" going out to breakfast again with my husband. It was kind of our thing to do on the weekend and we haven't gone since before "party" season. I didn't know how to make breakfast out work well with the calories I anticipated using later in the day.

Ready for a good weigh-in in the morning :)


  1. This post is extra timey for me. My birthday is Saturday and it seems to start with a never-ending chain of events all the way through November. And then of course the real holiday season. Ugh. Viscous cycle! I guess we just have to take each event one at a time and plan ahead. Maybe eat a meal before each party that way you won't be as tempted to snack?

    1. Oh good luck! It takes some planning but it is worth it. I haven't had much success with eating before the party. To be honest, I eat at parties because I love all the yummy goodies - not because I am "hungry.". If I eat something before, I still want to try everything. I use MyFitnessPal and I would try to enter things prior to the event, so I could budget my calories for the rest of the day. Of course, I had to make adjustments as I went along, but it helped me feel a little more in control. I also liked to do more exercise prior to the splurge. That way it feels like I planned it (control) and wasn't punishing myself for the splurge (out of control). Be brave!

  2. My first mile is ALWAYS my slowest, especially in the mornings. Takes me a mile to wake up!

    Too bad it was humid. You would think it would be less humid in the morning. Sheesh.

    1. That does make me feel better. I guess I had thought the first mile should be better because I'd still be fresh. We had terrible storms in the afternoon - guess that is why the humidity was up.