Friday, June 2, 2017

New Things to Make Me Smile

About a month or so ago I discovered jersey swing dresses at Old Navy. After buying the first one at the store for $26.94, I found them on their website for $15 and bought three more! I love how they fit in the bodice and then skim over the lower body "issues." I admit, I love how they swish when I walk. I also bought a couple lightweight sweaters to wear over them so I could wear them to work. I didn't really want to cut off my head in the pics, but I wanted to show my shoes and that was my only way to do it.

I do have flats I usually wear with dresses for work, but since I have been doing so much cleaning and moving stuff the tennis shoes are more practical. I realize a dress doesn't seem good cleaning wear, but the dresses are super comfortable and easy to move in. Not to mention the upstairs of our building where I have been working is not well air conditioned. The dresses are much cooler than pants.

Remember I said I have been taking my lunch to work and have been really good about not eating out unless invited by someone else. Well, I got invited out again yesterday :)  Both the Shrimp PoBoy and fish stew were very good and I didn't feel badly about eating them.
Today it was back to my packed lunch.  No complaints about this lunch either.
And because I said I would, here is another picture of "the hash".  This time you get to see it after the egg is mixed in. I had it for dinner tonight and it was perfect :)

Double Light

Wednesday -  Strength training mostly with least it was a break from "body weight" exercises.

The final exercise in the circuit was the figure 8s. Lie on your back and raise your feet. Feet then move around in a figure 8 pattern. Please ignore any grunting :)  Circuit was repeated twice.
Thursday - If I had a nickel for every time I said "I can't" during tonight's workout...I'd have a bunch. My trainer kept reminding me that I could and ultimately, I did. This "punches and crunches"workout started out pretty shaky. I could not get the rhythm of the shadow boxing...hands and feet moving in different directions...and breathing. That is a bit much to ask of my completely uncoordinated and out of shape self. I don't know how many times my trainer demonstrated. I was getting pretty frustrated, but he got me through it. Not saying it was pretty, but I think I got something kinda resembling shadow boxing. At one point, he said I must be mad cause I was hitting his hands pretty hard...sorry, honey...I mean Mr. Trainer.  So 30 seconds of shadow boxing were followed immediately by 30 seconds of least I got to lie on the floor for those.  Then one minute rest and repeat for a total of 5 circuits. I think this would be a good challenge for anyone reading to try at home. It kicked my butt.

Quick avert you eyes...this is a pretty unpleasant picture of my crunching. I seriously need to work on my workout face. So many unusable pictures (all of the boxing pics). I am not super excited that this is my trainer's view while I am working out, but again awesome "before" picture, right?  My trainer also nicely reminded me that crunches will get easier when there is less belly. In the meantime, my abs of steel are well camouflaged.
I think this was the final crunch. It took me a minute to get up and pull myself together. I grabbed this outfit at Walmart on my way home from work. I've been frying working out in the black capris and I have to give that poor purple shirt a break sometimes.
I was much happier when it was finally over. Tonight my trainer said I am a good trainee...except for during the workout. At least, I think we have found our "meet in the middle" spot with my attitude and his expectations.
Note to trainer: If you happen to be reading this I would like to limit the sneaky squats. I read ahead on my schedule and I don't see them. Then we start the workout and you say "okay do this....while squatting"...WHAT???!  You say it is because the gluteous maximus is the biggest muscle and working it will burn more calories...okay maybe, but... . Also, it is slightly unprofessional to try to kiss your client while she is working out (even if  she is doing an amazing job). Also, grabbing her buns is a tad unprofessional too.  However, she will probably let  both of those things slide cause you are so darn cute ;)

After tonight's workout I met a new friend for a walk around the neighborhood. She and her husband were in our foster parent training class. Her son was in our foster daughter's pre-school class. She got her her first placement shortly before ours went home. We've kept in touch over Facebook and saw each other at pre-school events. Tonight was the first time we've gotten together. It was fun to walk and talk with someone who has been riding the foster care roller coaster too. And...almost three miles!
Ignore the time. I admit we didn't walk super fast. She was pushing a stroller too. However, part of the time was us standing talking after the walk. I didn't stop my Garmin until I got home.

Good news I got my Friday workout done already so it is a Double Light rest weekend for me - woohoo!!  However, don't let me come back here Monday and tell you how I didn't do any walking.

What do you have planned for this weekend?  Want to try "punches and crunches"??


  1. I seriously love how dedicated you are to these workouts! And your hubby/trainer is such a good sport! I'd be willing to try crunches and punches. How many circuits of them do you do? 30 seconds of crunches and 30 seconds of boxing in place x 10 or so?

    1. Aww thanks...can't believe it has been three weeks already. He is definitely a good sport :) I only did 5 circuits and I was exhausted. I think in time he will have me increase the time of each exercise. We did punches first - I was already out of breath for the crunches!

  2. Love the dresses and new workout outfit, all super cute!

    Yay for trainers who make up for sneaky squats with kisses and tush grabs. Definitely makes the work out easier (or at least worth it LOL ).

    Have a great weekend. Let's see how many miles you can walk. I'm aiming for 10 this weekend.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Yes, it does add a little levity to the workout :)

  3. I am absolutely going to try "crunches and punches" tonight after the guys go to bed!

    You are doing an awesome job!!!

    1. Yay! Can't wait to hear about your workout :)

  4. Hahahaha haahahaha. Hahaha. I had all sorts of things planned to say as I was reading your post...comments and thoughts...but then I started laughing at your 'unprofessional' trainer kissing you and grabbing you while you work out and I am just laughing and grinning. How awesome!

    So what else was I going to say....oh yeah....those dresses are cute!!!

    Your food always looks so delicious!!!

    1. I guess I get what I pay for :)

  5. Those dresses are so cute!

    Good job on those workouts! Do you feel stronger?

    1. Thanks! Maybe it is wishful thinking, but yes kinda. If nothing else I am feeling more confident in my abilities.