Monday, June 12, 2017

Sales, Salmon and Sun

Let me just say this from the start...I did absolutely nothing fitness related this weekend. Unless you count considering buying this outfit at a yard sale so I don't have to do strength training :) Seriously, I saw it early in the morning and I do wonder if someone bought it before the day was over.
It wasn't exactly a workout, but I did do plenty of walking at a huge community yard sale. There were people and cars everywhere. It was much easier to park the car then walk a radius around the car to visit the various sales. I picked up this cookbook for 50 cents. It need to do some more reading to find a recipe to try, but I immediately found several I am not prepared to try.
Often times at yard sales the kids will be selling lemonade or cookies. I usually like to patronize them, but really didn't want the extra calories. Don't tell them I dumped the lemonade as I walked behind my car and only tasted one of the two snickerdoodles I bought. 

When I got home from the yard sales I mixed together a quick lunch salad - leftover grilled chicken and corn, red peppers, black beans and avocado.  For a dressing I mixed some leftover jalapeno pesto and lime juice. It was a nice fresh, filling salad even though it was mostly leftovers.
After lunch we headed out to a local Air Force base to see an airshow. We had to park at least a half mile away. As we walked up, they were doing a Pearl Harbor attack reenactment called Tora, Tora, Tora. Tora was a code word the Japanese used to indicate that the element of surprise had been achieved and to begin their attack. It was a little disconcerting to be walking toward an airfield with eight different airplanes zooming and diving in and out of smoke. Pyrotechnics on the ground simulated explosions. Unfortunately, we weren't close enough at the time of the performance to see the whole show. You can see a video of the show at a different airshow here.
Tora, Tora, Tora, torpedo bomber. You can see the torpedo on the underside of the plane.
F-18 Super Hornet - nicknamed "The Rhino".  It was an awesome (in the true sense of the word) display of power.
Look at the tiny spiral decent this plane made. Notice the bird in the top right trying to get in on the show.
There were several jets and airplanes on display.  Jets like this one you were not allowed to approach.
A highlight of the day was my husband being reunited with an old Army buddy - the UH 60 Blackhawk. It is the helicopter he worked on while serving in the Army. It was fun to listen to him describe many details of the helicopter and how it operates.
I never get tired of this husband in a crowd walking towards me :)
Finally, it was time for the main attraction - The USAF Thunderbirds!!
The action was heart stopping. I love the feel that goes through your entire body as the jets scream by. A couple times during the show your attention would be on a maneuver and out of nowhere another jet would fly low past the crowd. It was thrilling. 
If you look very closely you can see the jets at the bottom of the heart - four going to the right and one going to the left.

We hated for the show to be over. And I really hated the long walk back to the car. I was so hot, so thirsty and so tired. The sun really takes it out of me.

Since, I knew it was supposed to get up to 90 degrees, I had decided to wear one of my new dresses to the airshow to help keep cool. My chief concern about wearing the dress was the breeze blowing my skirt up and creating a whole other show for the crowd. Of course, I knew all that skin that rarely sees the light of day would be vulnerable, so I made sure to apply sunscreen. We stopped for a nice dinner on the way home at our favorite Italian place. However,  by the time we got home, I realized I had done a terrible job applying the sunscreen. I didn't realize the arm holes were exposing that much of my back.  I didn't put enough sunscreen around my neck because I thought my hair would keep it covered. Turns out the breeze kept my hair off my neck much more than I realized. I notice one of my bra straps must have been hanging out most of the day...oops!  I even have a "tan" line from my cross body purse strap. Spoiler alert the rest of the weekend was pretty uncomfortable. My husband did his best to keep me slathered in aloe.
I decided I wanted  to try another salmon recipe this weekend. When I stopped at the grocery store, I was greeted by this very appropriate sign. I ended up getting the salmon at Aldi. I was a bit hesitant, but it turned out fine.
I had two recipes I was debating between - Cuban and Lemon Dill. I put the decision to a vote in my ladies group. I must confess I went against their pick (lemon dill). I think I secretly wanted to make the Cuban recipe all along. Then my husband and I discovered our favorite Cuban restaurant had closed a couple of weeks ago, that sealed the deal - Cuban Grilled Salmon with Tomato Avocado Salsa it was. I promise I will make the Lemon Dill soon.

First the marinade.  In retrospect I think the marinade should have been on it for longer than the 15 minutes recommended.

While the fish was marinading, we heated up the grill and made the salsa.
I was a little nervous about making the salmon on the grill...I envisioned it breaking apart and being a big mess. It was much easier than I anticipated. Unfortunately, my husband did not love this recipe as much as the last one I made. He didn't think it was flavorful enough and wanted a sauce to cover up more of the salmon taste. I, however, like the taste of the fish and I am definitely not disappointed that I will be having the leftovers for lunch today :)
I grilled some green beans to go with the salmon. I recently bought this basket so I could try grilling different sorts of veggies that would normally fall through the grates. I sprinkled the beans with a touch of olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder.
I had originally planned a big meal prep day on Sunday. I had set aside several recipes to try.  However, the pain and discomfort of this sunburn really took the wind out of my sails. I did manage to make a batch of enchilada sauce so I have a little head start on a recipe I will make this week - stay tuned for details.
That was our weekend. I still have quite a bit of discomfort from the sunburn, but I am hoping to get on track with my Double Light workouts tonight. My trainer is telling me that the Double Light days are over and we are headed into Single Light. I hope he is just teasing me and takes pity on his crispy client.


  1. We have one of those grill pans and love it! Lots of grilled veggies for us this summer!

    Sorry about your sunburn! Hope it is already better!

    1. Feeling much better :) I hoping try some new veggies.

  2. Ouch! So sorry about the sunburn! I hate it when the sun sneaks up on you like that. I really want to give that salmon recipe a try! It looks delish! Glad you had a fun day though!

    1. It is crazy how you really don't noticed until you are out of it.

  3. You really should have gotten that outfit!

    Sorry about that sunburn:(

    1. I don't think my trainer would have been fooled :)

  4. The air show looks fun. It's been a long time since I've been to one.

    So sorry about the sunburn. This fair skin, redhead has to bathe in sunscreen! I burn so easliy, I even wear sunscreen and cover up when taking car rides.

    The grill basket looks neat. We will have to get one.

    1. The airshow was great...I am sure we will be going next time it is in town.

  5. Would love to see a airshow like that one day....

    Hope the sunburn is not bothering you too much now.

    1. I hope you get to - it is amazing. Sunburn is much better :0

  6. Booo to the sunburn!!!! But good job on all the walking!!!!!!