Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Veggie Prep and More

I promise today there will be no "naughty" foods (or treats as I should call them) posted. I've been fighting my inner chip monster this week. We have little bags of Ruffles at work, leftovers from an event. Obviously, I have eaten my share (by which I mean more than my share) beause I love chips. However, I have purposely been packing healthy snacks to keep me from giving in every time I want chips. Monday was a chip free day! Let me repeat Monday was a chip free day. Tuesday, however, I didn't have a solid snack plan, so I took the chip option for my snack. Again, I am looking for balance, because realistically I don't see chips being completely eradicated from the rest of my days. I need to figure out how to enjoy them without derailing a healthy lifestyle. I ate one serving (an actual serving) and was done - win! I like this particular mix of nuts (unsalted). I actually bought them about a month ago in Cincinnati for my marathoner and they didn't get opened. They are a satisfying compliment to my apple. Apples sometimes give me a hungry feeling after I eat them, but I think the nuts prevented that feeling.
My husband had already cooked some chicken earlier in the day on Monday, so at dinner time I had plenty of room to grill for all the dinner veggies plus veggies to use later. I didn't do much to prep them just a little salt and pepper.
My dinner plate. I didn't realize I arranged it all like soldiers in a row until I got ready to take the picture. I mixed a little of the jalapeno pesto from last week with light sour cream to dip the chicken in.
All the leftover veggies except the corn were chopped up and added to steamed broccoli to use in my egg muffins.I know I've posted about them many times here and on Facebook, but I can't help myself from touting this go-to healthy convenience food. I prepped the veggies right after dinner an put them in the fridge.

The next morning I made a batch of egg muffins. About a third of a cup of veggies per muffin makes a nice serving of veggies since I usually eat two at a time. .
 Add beaten eggs/egg whites - I usually use 3 whole eggs and 9 egg whites to make 12 muffins. Top with Parmesan. I used to mix the Parmesan with the beaten eggs, but then it all sinks to the bottom of the bowl and is hard to distribute, so now I just sprinkle it on right before baking.
Two went on my plate to eat with oatmeal and raspberries for breakfast.
The rest went into the fridge for breakfasts and snacks later this week (my husband grabbed a couple on his way out the door this morning). They keep all week and warm up very well in the microwave. I've been known to eat them cold in grab-n-go situations
Now about that corn....I think this is the only way we cook corn anymore. Remove the husks and silks and  then just throw it on the grill as is - no butter, no salt, nothing. Turn it a few times. You will notice the little charred spots and the corn gets a deeper yellow as it cooks. We like our corn lightly cooked (crisp tender) - just leave it on a bit longer if you want it more cooked. It is super sweet and delicious. I am serious - nothing on it. I've tried the whole soak the corn in husks and cook it so it steams technique. Frankly, it hasn't worked for me. I can't see how done it is. It actually tends to be drier - probably because I end up cooking it too long. I also like a few little char spots from the grill grates. When I make it, I usually have an ear for dinner and then cut the rest of the kernels off the cobs.
This week I will be eating it as a side for these turkey meatloaves, I made last night after dinner. I can't stress the importance of meal prep for me. When I come home from work ready to chew off my arm it is makes me feel good that I can make a solid healthy choice and eat right away. I enjoy cooking and the variety of individual meals.  However, meal prep is more of an insurance plan for me for the inevitable days that does't happen.  Even if you just make a couple of the components ahead of time it reduces stress.
Some of the corn will no doubt be sprinkled in chicken tacos. In addition to it being delicious, the point is that is prepared and available. I have also been known to eat a serving of corn as a is sweet corn after all. I found a new Mexican Street Corn Tostada I will be trying soon....need to run it through the calorie calculator first to be sure it is an affordable meal.

Double Light 


Romanian Deadlift (one leg) - The dreaded RDLs (we've done them a couple times already). Turns out, I might have a bone to pick with my trainer. I googled Romanian Deadlifts and those people got to use TWO legs. The hardest part of this exercise for me is balancing on one foot. Apparently this exercise works your hamstrings and glutes to get a butt that "pops" according to one video I watched.
Fielder's Curls - I felt pretty good about this one, especially the more I did it and got comfortable with the move.

I know you just watched a video, but I liked this still picture too. It makes me feel powerful.

Marching Plank - Start in plank position and alternate raising legs. I could really feel it in my core, but unfortunately could only do a couple at a time so I never got in a rhythm. Again, I say this is going to go so much better when I am fighting a whole lot less body weight. I am trying to remember that when I eat. I am a bit mortified how hard I know I am working and it looks like I am hardly off the floor cause my body is so "thick" - I am trying to focus on where my spine is to get a more accurate perspective.

No need to elaborate on my feelings about marching planks.  This picture pretty much sums it up.


5-10-5: - I was somewhat excited about doing this one because it was the same as a workout we did the first week. I was very curious if I would be better than the first time around.  The first time we did this workout, we did it in the hallway at home. I thought I was going to do so much better that I wanted more room to really run. So we went to a local track.
I did't get a side view picture, but I am pretty sure it would have looked like this...
Oh wait there is decide.... (please excuse the wardrobe malfunction - I need some better fitting pants).

I would like to say, I felt like the picture of my trainer, but I did't.  By the end of the first set of five my legs were total jelly and I was sucking wind. I seriously felt like I could not move my gigantic cement legs.(very much like I feel in a bad dream when when I am trying to escape some crazed murderous maniac and I am stuck in slow-mo). That all being said, I know I did better than the first time. At no time did I feel like I was going to throw up...and I never begged my trainer to stop. Definitely could not say that about the first time we did it.

I will close up with a exciting news from the garden...the tomatoes are starting to bloom like crazy.

 And I finally discovered two little babies on the Sun Gold (our favorite!) plant. Sorry about the focus  - I could not get the camera to focus on the babies for anything.
And finally, if tomatoes took selfies....
Yes, I did switch to the forward facing camera, stick my hand in the tomato bush and snap a picture. I know, I have inanimate object personification issues.

Hope your week is going well!!!


  1. I am going to try that workout tonight after the boys go to bed. I'll make hubs take a picture of me. It looks awesome!

    That being said, go you! You are just getting better and stronger!

    1. Did you get a chance to try it? It is the kind of thing I would like to do occasionally just to measure progress. Thank you for the encouragement :)

  2. I wish I knew how you make all those veggies look so appetizing! I wish I liked them more! I may try a modified version of the egg muffins though. Those definitely look good! You are kicking so much butt with your trainer! Loving these pics!

    1. You could try beans in them. Beans and eggs are kinda an Asian thing - thinking of egg fu young. Again zucchini is very mild flavored and you might not notice it. Maybe find a spice you like to take the focus off the actually "veggie flavor" you dislike.

  3. I am going to have to trygthose veggie egg muffins. Easy and good for a quick grab!!!

    Kudos on the chip victory!!!! You are right, never eating chips again is not really feasible....but learning how to manage so you don't have them every day is very feasible and actually just eating the single serving is amazing!! Good job!!!!!

    1. I hope you do...they really are a go-to for me. I am very determined to make this a permanent thing so I am trying to look at the big picture from the beginning.

  4. Mmmmm....I love crisp corn on the cob!

    Those deadlifts better make that booty pop! 🍑

  5. I almost typed "booty poop". Hahahahhaha

  6. You are doing such a great job!

    Lots of healthy food choices. I make egg muffins too, but have never put the veggies in. I may try to sneak in a couple and see how I like it.

    Your workouts are awesome. It's nice that you are documenting how they make you feel. You notice the improvement better that way.

    1. Thanks! I hope to someday redo these workouts. look back at what I wrote and wonder who was that girl :)

    2. PS: I just made muffins, check today's post to see how it turned out.