Saturday, August 9, 2014

Married to a Triathlete!!

I could not be more proud of my husband.  He set his mind on a goal, worked hard and had an incredible first triathlon experience. I was a little concerned this last week because he'd had some pain in his leg. He rested it completely the past two days. Although he did have some pain in today's race he was able to run through it.

We were well prepared except for a camera incident. I managed to leave the memory card at home so I had to speed home to get it before the triathlon started. Thankfully, we live about 5 minutes away and all the police were occupied blocking streets for the triathlon :)

He had a good start in the pool. The pool is shallow in places and quite a few people end up walking through the water instead of trying to swim it. The swim is 450 meters.  Competitors are started in 15 second intervals.

He made a good transition to the biking. It made me extra happy that we had done the "practice triathlon" last weekend. I think it gave everyone a better feel for what to expect and what they would need to prepare.

My husband and nephew pushed each other hard during the 12 mile bike ride. Every time they passed us (6 laps) they were close together.  My nephew is the one in the camo tank.

Finishing the first lap of the 4 mile run. He said  his leg was hurting some, but he looked very strong. I think the guy in orange is about to be passed.

I loved being at the finish line.  When we did the two races together this summer he was the first one to the finish and I was still out on the course for awhile walking. It was nice to be there to cheer him in and get pictures.

His goal was to finish under 1:30.  We were thrilled to see he finished in 1:17:45.  Wow!!!  He finished 8/20 in his age group and 55/334 overall. I still can't believe how far he has come.

I am also super proud of the other racers on our "team."  My nephew, niece, brother-in-law and husband showing off their numbers and putting on their game faces.

After - a happy group of racers. My niece had a great race - she was the youngest racer in the race.  She ended up second in her age group.  My nephew beat his previous triathlon time by more than 3 minutes and was 4th in his age group.  My brother-in-law was racing as my niece's support. So even though he didn't have his best time he made an awesome memory with his baby.

Next year might be my year to take a stab at the race. I have wanted to do it for quite awhile, but bottom line is I think I am scared. Seriously, watching people on those bikes makes me nervous. What if they run me over?? 

Time to pick our next adventure....


  1. What fun! a huge huge congrats to your hubby and family! And your hubby blew away his expected goal! That's awesome!

  2. Wow that's fantastic! A huge congrats to your husband!!!