Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Recap

We didn't have traditional Labor Day plans - no camping, bbq-ing etc., but we had plenty to keep us busy.  I started the weekend with some Friday Night Lights - watching high school football.  My nephew is a sophomore and is playing on the varsity team this year.  I went to an away game with my sister.  I wish I had know how good our view of the field would be.  I would have taken my "good" camera - a Canon 20D DSLR.  It is big and heavy so I don't always want to lug it around.  And sometimes I feel I am so busy taking pictures I don't live in the moment and see the plays as they really happen.  But given the proximity to the action and the clear line of sight I could have gotten some good  action shots.

Turns out my nephew only got to play in a few series during the second half.  He seemed to play well. He plays on the line (offense or defense as needed).  Last night he played defensive tackle.  I do like NFL football, but there is something fun about the high school atmosphere...the youth, the band, the cheerleaders, crazy parents, etc.  Fun.

Saturday was another busy day.  Started out at the farmer's market.  I was on my own because my husband was working. Apples are here!!  I am definitely going to be putting the "apple a day..." quote to the test :)  Our favorite is Fuji, but they aren't ready until late Sept./early Oct.  I bought some Gala and a couple Jonathon. The Gala are so good. There is nothing like fresh crisp apples.

I love the bouquets people bring to the market to sell, although I have yet to buy one.  I hope my husband is reading this :)

How could you not want to eat these veggies...so beautiful.  I ended up buying some pickle sized cucumbers and some baby summer squash and the apples of course.

I did not buy one of these fruit turnovers...but not for lack of trying.  I got to the market a little early.  Since they can't start selling until 8 a.m. I walked around and strategized my purchases.  I spied these turnovers and had decided to get one, but when I got back to the stand shortly after the bell rang they were GONE.  According to the vendor a lady had just bought them ALL.  Apparently, she tried them last week and fell in love...so she snatched them all up. Boo :(

I was super speedy at the farmer's market so I could watch my niece in her first cross country race.  She is in 7th grade. There were about 10 teams all lined up with their school groups and off they went...it was crazy.

It wasn't long before they were spread out.  I was pretty impressed.  She ended up running the 1.8 miles in 17:24 - not bad :)

Saturday afternoon I went to watch my niece cheer at her first football game.  Busy girl!  She is growing up so fast.

I do like to watch football and then things happen in games that scare me a little.  Today one of the 7th graders got hurt and ended up needing an ambulance. From what I could gather he hurt his back and they were hesitant to move him, so they called rescue personnel. First on the scene was a fire engine.

I like how the fire axes are attached to the back of the truck. Turns out those doors also double as a carnival mirror.  That is one weird shape I have!  My husband had to work, so he met me at the game. I got to enjoy this view of him arriving in the stands :)

Sunday we worked in the yard. We did general yard stuff (mowing, weeding, garden) and most importantly  preparing for the shed. My husband is taking off work tomorrow to finish the prep. I called this morning to order it, but am waiting on a call back...please hurry!! 

Monday was a very busy day.  I spent it with my sister and nieces doing wedding shopping for my oldest niece.  She is getting married in November. She found her wedding dress and I have pictures, but she has rightfully forbidden me from posting any pictures on the internet.  Trust me she is beautiful in it :)

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  I am excited about the unofficial start of fall!


  1. Wow that is an awesome weekend you guys had! Just how many nieces and nephews do you have? Seems like a lot of them! ;)

    I'm soooooo ready for fall and especially fall weather! Halloween is my favorite time of year!

    1. We have 4 nieces and 4 nephews, but unfortunately only 2 nieces and 1 nephew live near us. They are in tons of activities so it makes it seems like there are even more of them :) Love fall <3

  2. I am so ready for fall too. It does look like you had a blast, and that you took plenty of pictures :)

    1. I can't stop taking pictures - I might need an intervention :)

  3. Wow, that is a jam packed Labor Day. Who needs picnics when you have all those fun sporting events to attend?
    I am a huge fan of the November wedding (11/12 here) so congrats to your niece from me.

    1. It was a busy weekend! I love cooler weather for weddings. I can't imagine wearing those dresses in the heat of summer.