Thursday, September 4, 2014

Yard Improvements

I am so excited...tomorrow is shed delivery day.  My husband and his dad worked all day today preparing the space where it will be placed.  Ugly shed has been removed! 

Before I left for work...

The big blue blob is a tarp covering the stuff we took out of the shed. 
I was very glad my husband took a few pictures of what I was missing while at work...  I pretty sure despite the photographic "evidence" he didn't make his dad do all the work :)

Fence removal

Stumps and fence removed from behind the old shed
My roving reporter didn't get a picture of the actual shed removal.  I imagine it is hard to take pictures and handle large sheets of metal!  They got $15 dollars for it at the scrap yard. Hopefully, that covered the gas for all the running around they did.

Gravel delivery - please notice the big rocks in the lower left of muscles and I moved those the other day :)
When I came home from work... 

Landing zone for the new shed

It was a very productive day for the guys. Part of me was glad to be at work and part of me would have given anything to be home today.  The shed will be delivered tomorrow evening...I definitely won't miss that!  Can't wait to see how one delivery guy and a truck handles a 10 by 16 foot building...I think it is about 10 feet tall. It has a loft too...fancy!

What are your thoughts on frozen entrees?  I don't want to completely rely on them, but they sure come in handy.  Most of the time I pack my lunch, but I have started keeping a few in the freezer at work. Today I had a Lean Cuisine Mac n Cheese for lunch.  I can't remember the last time I had mac n cheese.  I know it was far from the best I've ever had, but it sure tasted good today.  I added an apple and some sliced cucumber so that it wasn't a complete processed food fest.

Another Lean Cuisine I like to get is lasagna.  Some dishes are just tougher to make calorie friendly and/or only eat a small portion.  There is something to be said for only having enough for one portion with no leftovers.  Also, it is nice to eat things that I don't make at home because my husband doesn't like them...yep, last week I had a cabbage roll wasn't homemade, but it wasn't bad.

We got some "new to us" furniture today.  Hopefully, it is our transition furniture.  We had an old couch and chairs that Millie finished off.  We want to buy new furniture, but we won't until we know she is not going to eat it.  We actually got the furniture from my sister (who got it from a friend and used it as her transition furniture.)  She had a chewing dog too - must run in the family.  She seems to be in the clear now with her dog, so she has ordered new furniture.  It will be delivered tomorrow - can't wait to see it.

Old couch went to the burn pile.  Notice the green floral print on the corner.  Apparently that was under the white upholstery...uncovered by a certain naughty puppy.
Thank you to everyone for the Millie advice.  We have committed to redirecting her attention to her toys.  Hopefully between that and her growing out of chewing we will have success soon!


  1. Wow, what busy worker bees! Can't wait to see pics of the shed delivery!

    I do the same thing as you, I keep lean cuisines and such on hand for a treat or for a meal if I have nothing around. I like the spring rolls. They don't get super crispy but they're yummy enough to conquer a fried food craving. I think in moderation they are fine. And if you enjoy them, then enjoy the crap out of them! Better than potato chips, right?

    1. I am especially excited because some of the things that are cluttering up my house can go to the shed :) Then I am going to want house projects done too...shhh, don't tell my husband his honey-do list is growing. I might have to try the spring rolls sometime. No, nothing is better than potato chips :) well, maybe cookies!

  2. Wow y'all are getting a lot done in the yard! I can't wait to see the finished product!

    I like frozen meals for emergency situations. Like if I forget my lunch, I know I have a back up at work if need be.

    1. Thanks - I am excited too. I mostly like bringing my lunch to work, but somehow I manage to get out the door without it. Makes me feel better to know I have a spare or two at work.

  3. I dont eat them often any more but I love some of the frozen meals... they have calories and points on some of them if you do weight watchers, they tend to have more sodium, but used in moderation and for emergencies they could work.. drink lots of water always, but especially on frozen entree days !

    1. I like that they are pretty much all in the same calorie range. So the entree and a fruit or veggie makes it easy for me to plan a consistent number of lunch calories. I drink about the same amount of water every day (more at home than at work), but I tend to avoid eating frozen meals the day before weigh-in - just in case :)