Monday, May 19, 2014

May Getaway

My in-laws gave us a gift certificate for a nearby lodge for our anniversary...last September.  We finally used it this weekend.  Unfortunately we could not take Millie with us since we were staying in the lodge.  However, it was at least a zillion times we mentioned to each other that we would like to go to the park on a day trip and take Millie.  She would love it!

After we checked into the lodge and before we got too comfortable, we decided we would take a hike.  I wanted a hike that made me work..feel the burn and dare I say, sweat.  The first trail we took started with a climb up some stairs...that definitely got it started. 

I will admit, I did struggle some, but I kept telling myself that this was what I wanted.  I wanted to challenge myself. When I walk around the neighborhood on my  regular routine I really have to stay focused to keep myself challenged.  It is too easy to slip into a strolling pace.  Though I wanted to push myself I also knew I had to take care of myself.  I may have used my photography as an excuse for a breather or two. See the random tree picture on the right?  I needed a quick breather!


Our half mile climb to the top was on the Ravine & Ridge trails.

When we reached the top we were treated to this sweeping view. The Mississippi and Illinois rivers converge in the area.  If you look closely you can see a barge headed up river.

It was so satisfying to reach the top!

Though the ascent was only a half mile the descent on the Goat Cliff Trail was a mile and a half.  We were no longer climbing, but  we certainly had to keep alert to stay steady on our feet.  The trail was rocky and then muddy in places.  We had to get in tough with our inner mountain goat!   By this point my knees were getting a bit sore from the uneven terrain. I have a bit of an issue going down hill, stairs, etc. I have a fear of falling.  I am hoping as I lose weight and get fitter I will feel more confident in this area. 

It was a gorgeous day for a hike.  I had my husband take a couple of pictures of me for later comparison.  Looking forward to a slimmer rear view!  I was very proud of us.  The last time we went hiking we wimped out and didn't go very far.  Even though this time was tough, I feel we both are coming into a determination we haven't had before.  We are focusing on what we are gaining, not what we have to give up.  There will be many more days like this one.

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