Friday, May 30, 2014

Garden Intro

We have a small garden in our backyard.  My husband made me 5 raised beds.  Then I have two lengths of fence to support tomatoes.  This year I have also planted peas, tomatillos, beans and cucumbers by the fence so they can climb.  In the beds I have bush beans, lettuce, spinach, radishes, zucchini, jalapenos, onions, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts and a bed of various herbs. This spring has been a bit crazy and the tomatoes aren't growing as well as I would like. Tomatoes are our favorite crop.  This year I have about 8 different varieties.  I love the cherry tomatoes and have yellow, red and black (black?? we will see how those turn out).  So far I have picked lettuce, radishes, spinach and herbs. 

The fence around the garden has become a complete joke.  It was intended to keep Millie out.  Of course, she quickly learned she can hop right over it like it is two feet tall...oh wait, it is two feet tall :)  So far she hasn't destroyed anything major.  Before the fence went up she did a number on the lettuce/spinach bed, but as you can see it has recovered. I picked a huge bowl of greens this morning.

We ordered this lettuce mix and I could not be happier with it.  There are at least 6 different varieties.  So delicious!
Morning Workout
Loved the sunrise clouds in the puddles.
We got started about 5:15 am this morning. I took Millie for the first loop until my running husband caught up with us (his second loop).  We were about half way through the loop when a lady came out of her house "my Chihuahua is out there - he will bark at you but he doesn't have any teeth."  So, does that mean he try to bite me but it won't hurt??  I see nothing until a barking rat dog jumps out of nowhere.  (Sorry Chihuahua owners but I just can't do the crazed yapping of some little dogs.)  I yelled at it to go home, but it just kept circling Millie and me having a complete fit.  The woman is standing on her porch "come here Scooby."  I told Millie to sit and just tried to keep myself between the two dogs.  I think Millie thought the other dog was a freak and barely paid attention to it.  For that I was grateful!  The woman finally realized her dog was never coming and came and got it.  I had to bite my tongue...and I have teeth :)

The rest of our walk was uneventful.  My husband caught up to us and reported he had also had an incident with that Chihuahua.  Guess it had a busy morning.  I ended up walking the rest of the way by myself.  I had decided to do an extra loop to bring my distance up to 2.5 miles.  I wanted to go a little longer than usual since I didn't walk yesterday.  Not that I was punishing myself.  I thought my legs were fresher so I could push more.  Our 10K race is two weeks from tomorrow.  I am excited to see what my time will be. 

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