Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5 Pounds!

My schedule was thrown off a bit by a last minute field trip with my niece.  I meant to post this yesterday. 

Tuesdays are our weigh-in day.  Yesterday my weigh-in showed a 5 pound loss!  No, I am not brave enough to tell you how much I weigh.  Maybe in time when I want to brag about how much I have lost :)  Okay, here is my struggle.  I always seem to make some excuse when I have a good weigh-in.  For example, this time it is that we had gone away for a day or so right before we started and after eating out my start weight was artificially high.  Why do I do this to myself?  It is so hard for me to accept my success or compliments.  Instead of just being happy/proud of the 5 pounds I am almost looking for reasons to question it.  Honestly I was hoping to have lost 6 pounds - you know, the big fast start because I know it won't be that much per week from here on out.

I am a constant weigher.  I will weigh will myself in the morning (which I consider most accurate).  Then I will sometimes check during the day and most nights before bed.  For the record, I usually weight about 2 pounds more at night than in the morning.  The problem is when you weigh yourself constantly the progress is so slow or you fluctuate and discouragement is at your door.  Since I was a struggling with my feeling about this week's weigh-in I decided I need to try something different.  I made a pact I would not weigh myself until next Tuesday...A WHOLE WEEK!  I guarantee that will be a more difficult challenge than eating or exercising this week. I know I won't since I promised my husband, but I will be thinking about it constantly.

Last night we had our oldest niece and her fiance over for dinner.  We had been looking forward to this for days.  Yes, because we love hanging out with them.  Okay, I confess we were excited because PIZZA was on the menu. My husband could live forever on pizza and never tire of it.  However, being just the two of us ordering pizza is a bit problematic.  First, if we have a take out pizza I am not sure we would be able to eat just a couple pieces and save the rest for the next day.  Even eating just a couple of pieces of pizza takes some serious calorie budgeting.  Say we succeed in eating just a couple pieces, we still have half a pizza constantly calling us from the fridge.  If we do manage to  save it for the next day we are doing back to back days of trying to make a higher calorie dinner work in our budget.  For now, I don't think either of us are that strong.

Good news - we have options.  Last summer we discovered grilled pizza and have become obsessed.  I have done calculations after calculations and have come up with a plan that I think will work for us.  The best part of homemade pizza is having exactly what you want on it.  For example, my husband loves a pepperoni pizza with jalapenos, green olives and cilantro - not something you would find in most pizza places.  I don't want to mislead you, the calories are still on the high side for a meal.  But there is great flexibility.  Last night we both had the same amount of pizza, but since I chose to do mushrooms and basil pizza mine was almost 200 calories less than my husband's pizza.  We both thought our pizzas could not be any more delicious and we had a quantity of pizza that satisfied us and no leftovers.  And neither of went over our calories for the day!!

The bottom line is that with some planning we can have both delicious food and a healthy lifestyle.

Full disclosure - this is pizza we grilled last summer, but the size is accurate.  This time we carefully measured toppings.  I used 1/2 cup of cheese on each.  My husband used half as much pepperoni and cut each piece in half to spread the flavor over the whole pizza.

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