Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Making a Healthier Me

Team Sam!
This morning I grabbed my Team Sam t-shirt for my walk.  Sam is a brave little guy.  He is 5 years old and diagnosed a couple of months ago with Stage 4 Hepatoblastoma - liver cancer.  One Saturday night his parents took him to the ER for abdominal pain.  Within just a couple of days it was confirmed he had liver cancer - a huge tumor on his liver and smaller ones on his lungs.  The doctors said he probably only had the cancer for a couple of months but this particular cancer is very aggressive.  Sam just finished his 3rd round of chemo.  Recent scans show the tumor has reduced in size...and hopefully can be removed soon.  When I put on the t-shirt it reminded me that though this particular cancer seems to be freakishly random, I can improve my own health to perhaps prevent other diseases/conditions.  Thank you Sam for your are a tough little guy!!

The puppy hand-off
My husband and I tried a new puppy sharing plan this morning.  He left the house a few minutes before me.  Millie did great because she didn't know I was going too.  Then I was far enough behind them that she was focused on running with him.  The first part of the walk was very peaceful and I was feeling good.  I love walking with Millie but she is a bit of a distraction.  When I was finishing the loop for the first time they came up behind me finishing their second loop.  Millie went a bit nuts when she saw me  My husband said it was a bit like trying to "hold back a tornado", not my sweet obedient  pup!  Once they caught up we made the hand off.  My husband made the turn for home while Millie and I finished my second loop and then headed home.  After her run with him and another lap with me I think poor Millie was ready to head home. 

Home is in sight!

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