Sunday, June 22, 2014

Birthday Party

I am struggling with this post. I have started it several times.  Bottom line is that I am struggling with my feelings today. I know I am doing very well overall, but I am frustrated with my body at the moment. I wanted to have a really great workout today because we are going to a birthday lunch today. I wanted to have a little flexibility in what I eat without feeling like I am splurging too much.

Unfortunately, my body is not cooperating. I have had a little concern about my right knee for awhile. Nothing major just at times it feels a bit tight and/or tender. Yesterday it started bothering me in a new way. Every now and then it would kind of pop - like it extended backwards. Then it would hurt quite a bit for a few steps. Then it will be fine again. 

I thought maybe I aggravated it with all the bending and pulling from the weeding frenzy yesterday. So, I rested it last night and hoped that it would feel better in the morning. Overall, it feels okay. Just every now and then I have the pop/pain incidents. I made the choice to not walk this morning to rest my knee. But I am really hating not getting in a good workout today. My husband ran this morning (his foot is doing better) and he is at the gym now doing weights. I feel like a big ol' slug. I know I am working hard and am not a slug, but I can't shake the feeling.

To be honest I am a bit envious of how well my husband is doing. Please don't mistake me to mean I wish he weren't doing as great as he is. I am thrilled and proud of him - he is seriously working hard.  It is just difficult to be side by side with someone who has much more visible success when you know you are working hard (and succeeding). It is just not noticeable to others quite yet.

I am trying to concentrate on how much better I am feeling (apart from my knee at the moment). Yesterday when I was doing the yard work I thought several times to myself that it was not as painful as it has been in the past. I know my legs are stronger. This morning I was a bit sore from the yard work, but nothing like I have previously felt after yard work.  

So here is the plan for today. Birthday party for my sister and niece. We made the birthday cake this morning. I have been wanting to make this since I first saw it on Pinterest. I wish I could give credit to the original creator of this adorableness, but I can't seem to track down who started it - many many people have recreated it and now we have too.  Now you can see why I am more concerned about missing a workout knowing that I am going to indulge in a piece of this chocolate extravaganza :) 

On the upside, my niece requested Subway and chips for her birthday party - I thought for sure she would want the dreaded hashbrown naughty and so yummy.  Subway sure makes it easier for us to stay on track. To help with the chip situation (another of my downfalls), I bought the little individual serving bags. That way we know exactly how many calories we are getting, everyone can choose their own flavor and no one is stuck with big open bags of leftover chips. It may cost a bit more, but it is worth it to me. 

I am going to make good use of the pool this afternoon. People will think I am playing, but I will be giving myself a good workout that won't stress my knee.  

Well, off I go... Happy Sunday!

Birthday cake!!


  1. 1. YOU are doing awesome - resting the knee now is much better than having to stop for weeks or months after an injury 2. men lose weight faster and they get fitter faster.. its all that darn muscle.. women have more fat and its just slower for us.. frustrating but true 3. adorable cake.. oh my goodness !!

    take it one day at a time.. there will be progress and there will be challenges... but know that overall you are doing great !!

    1. 1. True 2. True 3. Thank you! Yes, it is all stuff I know and need to hear again. I promised myself I would be honest in this blog so I don't want to leave out the emotional challenges. I think emotions have played a huge part in where I am and will play in where I have to go. Thanks for the encouraging words :)

  2. That cake is adorable! Nice work!

    I know how you feel, sometimes resting sucks! I also know how you feel when it comes to husband losing weight faster and more visibly. It's easier for me to lose weight, PP said it, all that muscle.

    Do you have access to a pool? No impact or low impact activities are great when you get knee twinges. You could try the elliptical or the bike or the pool.

    You are losing weight and building muscle and kicking butt. It may not be obvious to many people other than you, but YOU know it's happening. KEEP KICKING BUTT!

  3. Thank you for the encouragement! Yes, my sister and our gym have pools. I swam yesterday and plan to swim at the gym too. I am going to give the bike a go too. Worst case scenario, I keep working the food side and lose a bit more slowly until my knee is better :)