Saturday, June 7, 2014

On the Levee

View up-river.
There is something awesome about the Mighty Mississippi running through my world! We decided to do our morning workout on the levee overlooking the river and the lock and dam.  We loved the view, but that path stretching out before you is actually a bit daunting. This particular stretch is about a mile and a half.
Lock and dam.  We saw a few barges waiting and one going through.  I wonder how long it takes to complete the process.

Millie ran with my husband I had her during the cool down walk at the end. She is loving our adventures!
In the final stretch.  
Ready to head home.

This morning I walked two miles then my cool down. My miles were around 16 minutes each.  I think I was distracted by the scenery.  And of course I stopped to take a few pictures :) I didn't want to end up any slower than that. Now that I know I can do 15 minute miles I do feel obligated to be sure I am pushing myself to do my best and get better. Tomorrow we are doing a 6 mile walk to gauge our readiness for next Saturday's 10K race. I thought I better save a little something for that.

I feel very good about my pace for the 2-3 miles that we normally walk in a session.  I am eager to see how maintaining my pace works out.  If I can tough out at least half the race at a 15 minute pace I think I will be pretty happy overall.  Unless I have to crawl the other three miles!!

We had a really nice birthday dinner for my mother-in-law last night.  I have been looking forward to eating out for two weeks. We went to an Italian place that we have been to a couple of times before. They have the most delicious toasted ravioli and fettuccine alfredo combo. My husband and I made plans in advance to split the meal and enjoy something decadent. It worked out well. I felt like I had plenty of something I really enjoyed. And the best part I stayed within my calories for the day...the very high end using some extra earned by exercise, but within my calories. I was proud of us :)


  1. you're doing so good ! Keep it up !! Millie looks happy .. I'm sure she is loving the exercise

    1. She loves going with us. It makes it hard to get out of the house without her sometimes :)

  2. Great job! I'm down here in Baton Rouge so we get the Mississippi River too!

    1. The river is amazing. I love the bike/walking paths they have built on the levee and along the bluffs. If you are going to have to work your buns off might as well be looking at something awesome :)