Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Making It Work

I love our morning routine.  We get up about 5 a.m. and workout.  Usually, walking/running in our neighborhood.  We trade off who takes Millie depending on what we are doing.  I don't like her to run more than a couple days in a row since she will has growing bones. It usually takes us 45 minutes to workout. Then we get ready for work. Such a good way to start off the day.

Our regular morning routine was interrupted today. I had to be at work extra early and my husband is having a bit of foot pain. So, I didn't take the time to walk this morning. Instead of running in the neighborhood, my husband hit the elliptical machine at the gym - easier on his foot.

There is one very disappointed puppy in our house. She stayed home :(

Since I went in early, I got off early. When I got home I decided to go to the gym with my husband. He does weight training in the late afternoon. While he was working the weights I did a cardio workout.  I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill and  then rode for 15 minutes on the bike.

I am proud of myself for not blowing off the workout just because my routine was interrupted.

GYM WARNING:  Taking pictures of yourself in the mirror while on the treadmill might look like this.

I was happy that I remembered my headphones. The last time we went to the gym I could only watch the silent televisions :(  Today I got my Jeopardy! fix...good ol' Alex Trebek.  I didn't do so well.  Turns out I don't know my American literature.

I am usually pretty hungry when I get home so it is a bit of a challenge to go to the gym first. From the time I get home until dinner is a big snacking danger zone for me. I am sure I am not the only one. Before we left I ate a little snack (about 150 calories). Surprisingly by the time we got home I wasn't starving.

I had planned to grill tonight.  But my plan blew up...not literally. We are out of gas! No grilling tonight. Thankfully, dinner was easily moved inside.  I made turkey burgers and roasted asparagus.

The turkey burgers were my best yet.  My husband hasn't stopped talking about them since we ate. A couple of weeks ago I made turkey burgers from as her recipe was written (check them out).  Today, I modified the recipe to reflect our tastes.

The original recipe calls for grated zucchini and fresh grated garlic - which I did.  Then I added chopped fresh cilantro (from the garden).  In my husband's burger I added chopped jalapeno - he is a spicy guy!  In both burgers I wrapped grated cheese in the center. I used a Provel cheese that we both love. It worked out perfectly the cheese melted and oozed about as we ate them.  I topped the burgers with red onions, lettuce and tomato.  They were a huge delicious mess.  Good thing it wasn't a first date :)

Our whole dinner was 433 calories (including a bun!) . Can't beat that.

Had I known they would be so good I would have taken a picture.

Just in case you are feeling sorry for poor ignored Millie please know her life isn't that traumatic. No matter what she says...

Headed out to the farm to play with her friends.  Please note I am the one in the backseat!!  We were taking balloons and thought it was safer for me to sit with the balloons than for Millie to sit with them.
Millie enjoying her new pool.  My husband's Father's Day present from his mom :)


  1. Those burgers look good! My husband and I made similar ones that also called for grated carrots, but I decided to take a short cut and buy shredded carrots. Pulling out large pieces of carrots was not pleasant. I love Skinnytaste, so I'll have to try her version!

    1. My husband might revolt if I try sneaking in carrots...zucchini blends better especially if you add some herbs. Skinnytaste has definitely come to my rescue in the kitchen.

  2. love the selfie - poor neglected Millie... I hope you gave her some turkey burger ! Keep up the good work !!

    1. Are you kidding?? Share my yummy dinner with the dog that eats my shoes?? Yeah, the selfie didn't turn out like I imagined, but I thought it was funny :)

  3. I love the photo of your pup in the pool! That is great lol
    I love your morning routine too! That is awesome that you guys do this together.

    1. She is crazy about that pool...just don't bring shampoo!! Yes, having someone to do all this with has been great. Even when we are doing our own thing (walking/running) just know we are working on our goals at the same time makes me happy.