Thursday, June 19, 2014

Garden Goodies

This deliciousness is exactly why I love my garden. Seriously it makes me wonder how I survived the winter. I made this Lo Mein tonight for dinner. It is one of our go-to meals based on Eating Well's Edamame Lo Mein. I have made it several times as the recipe is written. Then over time we have adapted it to our taste. I have replaced the edamame with chicken. I figured out how many calories for the edamame and then used the same calorie amount of chicken. I switch out the veggies as I have available. For the record we loved this recipe even before we were counting calories.

From our garden, tonight's version featured broccoli, zucchini, snap peas and green onion. It was perfect! We didn't plant any sweet peppers this year so these came from the store. If you like Chinese food this is a recipe you must try. As written the recipe is 417 calories.  I bulk up the veggies a bit and add those additional calories.  A serving is 2 cups!!  (Plus an additional cup of veggies per serving.)

Eating Well's Edamame Lo Mein (without edamame + chicken and more veggies)
After dinner I picked a few more things:

The last of the lettuce being washed.  I am sad to see it go, but the weather is too hot. It is getting a little bitter and trying to go to seed. I have never replanted for a fall crop but I am going to try it this year. I think I will plant around mid-August.

Broccoli was picked last night. I only had 4 plants. I got them on a whim and wasn't sure there were would be enough time for it to develop. It doesn't like the hot either. Fresh broccoli is tastier than store bought...who knew?

I also picked cilantro, zucchini, a couple jalapenos and the rest of the beans and snap peas. Most importantly....2 tomatoes!!!  Tomatoes are our most anticipated crop. This year I inadvertently bought 19 plants. The nursery I go to has so many varieties and you can get two-packs for less than a dollar. I just kept shopping.  The tomatoes are going slow but hopefully I will have pictures of all the varieties to share in a few weeks.

These zucchini plants are out of control, but not producing as much as I would like. Hopefully they are just getting a slow start. Somewhere I saw a recipe for a zucchini boat using spaghetti/lasagna flavors.

Okay, enough gardening. Our walk was good this morning. I didn't go as far as I wanted. I think Millie was too warm - her tongue was down to her knees. Then she started coughing a bit. I stopped about 1/2 mile short of my goal. Thankfully, Millie was fine when we got home. I guess we will try again tomorrow :)

I don't feel too badly about not finishing my walk. Today at work I was moving offices so there was plenty of exercise in moving furniture and all my other stuff.  Tomorrow I have to try to get it all organized again.

When we got home we went to my sister's house for a quick dip in the pool.  My poor husband ended up hitting his face on the edge of the pool...didn't realize he was so close to the edge when he popped up from swimming underwater. He got a pretty good scrape on the bridge of his nose...OUCH!


  1. you guys are rockin the eating healthy thing.... that recipe looks amazing !!

    1. Thanks! I think summer makes it easier. I highly recommend the recipe if you like Chinese.

  2. That looks awesome!
    Love the garden pics. I'm impressed! My garden isn't prodcing much yet, but I don't expect much until about August.

    1. Thank you! The garden is much easier when using the raised beds. My husband built me two more raised beds this year. You can see them better in the earlier post "Garden Intro" I haven't quite mastered how much to plant in each one yet.